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Equipment for Rent 

Contact our Local Office to Inquire about our Rental Equipment


The LaMoure Co. Soil Conservation District has a new John Deere No Till Drill that is available to rent. The drill is 15 ft. long and has three seperate boxes:  One for grass seed or grain, one for fertilizer, and a small box for small seeds such as alfalfa, radish, or wildflowers.  A 100hp tractor would be sufficient to operate this drill.

Price:  $8.00/ac to rent 

The LaMoure SCD has 2  Kuhn PS160 Vertical Manure Spreaders available to rent.  They have approximately 600 cu. ft. capacity which is about 500 bushels.  It requires about 140 hp at the pto (150-180 hp Tractor for best results). We have a large 1,000 pto shaft available or small 1,000 pto shaft available for each machine.


Price: $350.00 per day

The LaMoure Co. Soil Conservation District has a new Montana Post Pounder that is available to rent.  The model 750R mounts to a skid steer loader and uses hydraulics to significantly speed the process of installing fence. 


Price:  $200.00 per day to rent 

The LaMoure Co. Soil Conservation District has a 6 ft tiller to be used for preparing your ground for tree plantings.  It is 3 point mounted.




Price:  $100.00 per day to rent 

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