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Wildflower Garden

A few years ago the NRCS and Soil Conservation offices started a no till garden in front of the office.  Then we decided to plant a wildflower patch around the perimeter of it using the wildflower mix we offer for sale to backyard gardeners.  The wildflower patch is such a success that it's hard to even tell there's a vegetable garden in the middle of it!  


I will admit, this wildflower patch is seeded at a heavier rate than recommended.  In hind site, I wish we had stayed with the original seeding rate.  We have learned that the yellow flowers are very prolific, which is what you will tend to find in nature as well.

If you want more information on the wildflower mix, click on the link listed here.  Or go to our "Seed & Equipment" tab on the top of this page and you will find this and more info there.  


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