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Farmers and Ranchers across North America have taken to planting “their” underwear. But why? The Soil Your Undies Trial was started in California. The Farmers Guild came up with the idea to show the impact and importance of healthy soils.

(Farm and Dairy- 7-13-2018)

Is your soil healthy? Healthy soil is the at the heart of healthy food systems, healthy ecosystems and healthy communities. Do you take soil tests? Soil tests are sometimes conducted to determine soil health.  Some soil tests specially look for  individual nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassuim and organic matter (which are materials containing carbon). 

Sometimes soil tests can be a little complicated, so to make things simpler or more visual of healthy or unhealthy soils, farmers, ranchers and gardeners have turned to burying their underwear! (Farm and Dairy- 7-13-2018)

The Process:

On July 24, 2020 we picked 3 fields and buried a pair (2 garments) of Woman's 100% cotton brief underwear, one at 6-8 inches in the soil and the other one at 12 inches down.  We labeled the underwear with an A and a B.  The A labeled underwear were dropped in the hole at roughly 6 inches and the B labeled underwear were dropped in the hole at about 12 inches.  We also placed a flag at those locations and took a GPS point.  The "guidelines" say to wait 60 days and then dig up the undies and observe what happened.

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