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Hire the Soil Conservation
To Plant Your Trees!



For More Information:

Office: 701-883-5344 ext. 3

Susan Cell : 701-320-8724

The LaMoure SCD can help you with your tree planting needs, whether it is planting a few trees in your yard, adding to an existing shelterbelt, or starting a new one.  We can help you decide how many rows you may need or have room for, give you recommendations of trees to pick from that would be suited to your specific soil type, and help you sign up for any cost share options that you may qualify for.  And of course, we can plant your trees and install weed barrier fabric!

Planning a Tree Planting

Let's start your planning process! This should be done at least 1 year before you want  trees planted. This allows time to prepare the ground, sign up for cost share, and ensure our SCD planting schedule is not full.  We can help you decide which trees to plant based on your goals and soils.

Cost Share Options

There are several programs available that provide funding to help offset the cost of planting trees.  These are ever changing so contact the LaMoure SCD office for the latest options available.

Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF)

The Outdoor Heritage Fund can provide funding to help pay 75% of the cost of tree planting, fabric installation, and tree tube expense.  Application deadline varies each year but is usually around July 15.  Contact the LaMoure SCD for more information.

Windbreak Renovation Initiative (WRI)

The Windbreak Renovation Program is available through the ND Forest Service.  This program is designed to help landowners assess the condition of their existing windbreak and determine the options for renovating or restoring it.  Cost share is available for 75% of the costs involved in tree removal, tree planting, fabric installation, and installing tree tubes if needed.  

The first step to applying for this funding is to fill out the Windbreak Renovation Questionnaire which can be found by clicking this link:

ND Game & Fish Tree Planting Cost Share

The ND Game & Fish has funding available for tree plantings that are focused on providing wildlife habitat.  This cost share can pay up to 100% of the tree planting costs involved.  More information can be found by contacting Renae Schultz, NDGF Private Lands Biologist at 701 320-4695 or by clicking this link:

NRCS EQIP and CSP Program

NRCS has funding available for tree planting through the EQIP and CSP programs.  The cost share rates vary from year to year.  Contact the LaMoure NRCS field office at 701 883-5344 for more details. 


Tree planting starts as soon as the frost is out and the soil warms up in the spring.  This is typically the beginning of May.  


Cost:   $27.50 per hundred linear foot  (this includes the trees/shrubs)


The cost is the same regardless if it is trees planted farther apart or shrubs planted closer together.  We charge based off the length of each row.

Weed Barrier
Fabric Installation

Fabric Installation starts after all the trees are planted in the spring.  This is typically in the beginning of June.


Weed barrier fabric reduces moisture robbing competition from grass and weeds allowing optimal growth and survival of your trees.


Price: $55.00 per hundred linear foot


A landowner wants 4 rows of trees planted that are 1,000 ft. long each.

So 4,000 ft. of trees planted costs ($0.275/ft) $1,100.

Fabric installation for 4,000 ft. costs ($0.55/ft.) $2,200.

The project total is $3,200.

If this landowner receives cost share at 75% from OHF, the cost share would pay $2,400 and the landowner would pay the remaining $800.

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