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Seed Mixes Available



Please contact our office, at 701-883-5344 ext. 3, for inquiries about products or pricing.

The LaMoure Soil Conservation can order custom mixes of grass seed, wildflower seeds, cover crop seed and more to meet your conservation needs.  Contact our office for pricing and details.
Grass seed


The LaMoure SCD can order a wide variety of grasses, legumes, and forbs and have them custom blended for programs such as CRP.  Most orders arrive within a week.   Remember, proper seed bed preparation and weed control are essential to ensuring good establishment of your newly planted seeds.  


 If your lawn grass needs a boost, we can help with that too.

Cover Crop seed


 We can help determine the proper mix of cover crop species to meet your soil health goals. All mixes are custom blended to your needs.


Improve overall soil health

· Increase crop diversity

· Increase organic matter

· Improve water infiltration

· Reduce soil compaction

· Improve nutrient cycling

· Reduce fertilizer needs

· Provide additional grazing

· Reduce late season herbicide needs

· Improve soil structure

Wildflower Seed


The LaMoure SCD can order wildflower seed custom mixed for your needs, anything from annuals to perennials, natives to introduced.


And for the backyard gardener, we are excited to offer a premixed blend of 13 different wildflowers.  Each mix is enough to seed a 1/4 acre plot! 


Click here for more details! 

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