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Our Products



Please contact our office, at 701-883-5344 ext. 3, for inquiries about products or pricing.

Handplant trees and shrubs


The trees listed here are considered conservation grade trees and shrubs. They arrive to LaMoure in late April where they are stored in our cooler at 38 degrees in a semi-dormant state.  All customers will be notified upon arrival so that orders can be picked up and planted as soon as possible.  This ensures the best survivability of the trees.  All trees and shrubs ordered are about one foot tall and are sold bare root.  Taller trees may be available upon request.

Weed-barrier fabric and staples


Weed barrier fabric is an engineered black woven polypropylene geotextile fabric.  It is designed to prevent weed growth while still allowing water penetration.  It also reduces water evaporation which can be very important, especially during dry years.

Weed barrier fabric can be used for more than just weed control around trees.  It can aid in landscaping, and eliminate weeding in vegetable and flower gardens.


Tree shelters


Miracle tree shelters are a new product the Soil Conservation District is offering. They are designed to protect newly planted trees from deer browsing and rubbing. An additional benefit is protection from herbicide drift from nearby fields. The shelter acts as a mini greenhouse, giving the tree accelerated growth the first few years. The shelters may need to be checked periodically and re-staked if deer have pushed them over from constant rubbing. The shelters may qualify for cost share assistance.  Find more information about Miracle tree tubes at TreePro.com.


Grass seed


We can have the seed mix custom blended for programs such as CRP. If your lawn grass needs a boost, we can help with that too.

Plantskydd Deer and Small Animal Repellant


Plantskydd is a proven effective deer and rabbit repellant which provides plants with up to 6 months protection over winter tree and shrub plantings. Plantskydd elicits a fear response in deer and other pests so they avoid the treated plants before they bite. Plantskydd is all organic and safe to use. Plantskydd comes in a mixable powder, a premixed liquid, and granular form.


Cover Crop seed


 We can help determine the proper mix of cover crop species to meet your soil health goals. All mixes are custom blended to your needs.


Improve overall soil health

· Increase crop diversity

· Increase organic matter

· Improve water infiltration

· Reduce soil compaction

· Improve nutrient cycling

· Reduce fertilizer needs

· Provide additional grazing

· Reduce late season herbicide needs

· Improve soil structure

Wildflower Seed


We can order wildflower seed custom mixed for your needs.  We also offer a premixed blend.  



Our marking flags are 4”x5” poly plastic with 30” wire staff.  We offer a variety of colors.  Flags come in handy for marking in a variety of situations.

Uses include:

· Mark tree planting sites

· Mark underground wires

· Mark garden rows

· Mark boundaries

· And many more uses…